Implementing successfully

Every implementation of legal tech has its challenges. Most challenging is the change management. When innovation is convenient, team members become ambassador towards others. You’ll be successful if you know what to do exactly.

Adopt our framework for change management, and become a champion-implementation.

Contract Lifecycle Management (Clm)

Jullie legaltech routekaart

First, you need a roadmap, a vision. Every organisation has its natural course of adopting legal tech and integrating it in the IT landscape.

Your needs and priorities depend on your specific context – it is your mix of team, tech and behaviour.



Weagree Implementation Services Implementing Contract Automation

Admin video tutorials

No implementation is faster: getting started (insert your templates and create Q&A’s): everything you need to know takes admin-training of only 3 hours (!).

Watch our admin tutorial videos.

Contract Lifecycle Management (Clm)

Verandermanagement: ons raamwerk van 9 parameters

Ten derde wil je niet een van de drie diagnostische fouten leading to a complete failure. Even with a great application, you’ll fail if the team does not change their way of working.

Our framework (three dimensions, nine parameters) helps you implement legal tech successfully.

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