Mindmap of implementing Weagree’s Wizard (2)

This is Weagree’s 99th weekly weblog post! The next one – no. 100 ! – will be about the Times Roman font and is published next week.

Contract automation implementation mindmap. In part 1, Mindmap of implementing Weagree’s Wizard (1), I elaborated on the three dimensions of our experience with the implemention of the Weagree Wizard at our launching customer ASML. We reflected this in a mindmap, a method designed to visualize what is necessary for a successful roll-out of Weagree’s contract assembly software, and to make sure everyone is on the same track.

Weagree has comprehensive experience in how legal counsel and law firms work. We know the ins and outs from the highest level of legal practice. You will probably agree with ASML and us that buying a piece of software is one thing; making it a success story (as is Weagree’s primary ambition) is something else. You may well find yourself buying a recipe for disaster by selecting the ‘best buy’ from a vendor who has no idea of the top legal practice and hardly any interest in supporting the success you aim for.

To keep the mindmap readable on this small screen, we inserted the high level version (without all the sub-branches).


Weagree Wizard Implementation 3 Dimensions 25 10 2010 Mindmap Document Automation

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