Motivate the elephant (to contract automation – the emotional side of change)

To start using contract automation, it is not enough to rationally understand that the Weagree Wizard is ‘the inevitable future’. People need to be motivated (the good news: what looks like laziness, is often exhaustion). Lawyers intellectually understand that old-school contract creation is chock-full of inefficiencies regarding contract know-how management, participation in model-contract upgrading, contract creation itself, managing the signed contract (and eventually retrieving the full benefit of a contract). But for their elephants to appreciate this and adopt contract automation in their daily practice requires emotional engagement. The importance of emotional engagement is the most underestimated force in succeeding in your change effort. User-friendliness: a condition. Here is the greatest bright spot to engage your elephant: Weagree has always been focusing on user-friendliness. We like to think that the Weagree Wizard is the most user-friendly document assembly solution there is. We know that a user-friendly contract creation application is a conditio sine qua non (‘no success without user-friendliness’) for motivating the elephant.
Contract Automation Change Management Elephant Contract Automation Change Management Emotional Side

Three aspects:

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