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Drafting contracts

9 Contract assembly software

In this chapter, we will take a closer look at contract assembly software applications. Contract assembly software (such as Weagree’s Wizard) automates the assembly and creation of tailor-made contracts.

First, some general introductory remarks will be made, explaining the basic principles and functionalities (§ 9.1). Then a list of advantages of contract automation will be given (§ 9.2). Because the contents of contract clauses are prescribed by the legal department, contract assembly solutions permit the delegation of contract creation to ‘the business’, which may or may not be subject to the approval of the in-house legal counsel, which monitoring and approval structure is reflected in a workflow (§ 9.3). Since contract assembly requires a particular change in your daily work, the practical aspects of introducing such solution into a company is discussed as well as visualised (§9.4).

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Drafting contracts

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