Drafting contracts

(j) Step 10: Automating the documents and implementing the workflow

Contract automation requires close review of the Q&A questions. This part of the work must not be underestimated. Once the questions (and explanations and default answers) for the questionnaire have been formulated in connection with the model building blocks, it is time to insert it all into the Weagree Wizard. This is a job for the administrator who has access to Weagree’s template creation tool. Also Weagree offers such administrator services.

The Wizard can be filled with your company’s database with details of all group companies, as part of the implementation but also by regular patches. Further, subject to personal data protection legislation, information about other companies and contact persons can be uploaded to further accelerate the creation of contracts.

The Weagree Wizard can be integrated (connected externally, exchange user-inserted data) with your company’s document management system (DMS), contract lifecycle management solution (CLM), CRM, and other solutions such as e-signature and solutions such as Sharepoint. The integration will be customised such that all necessary data entered during the questionnaire (e.g. contract type, duration, price revision deadlines) are transferred together with a generated contract.