The Weagree Wizard’s SAML (or LDAP) integration allows for single sign-on (SSO) authentication, requiring only that the user is logged in on your secure network in order to gain access to the Weagree Wizard (i.e. there will be no separate login page for Weagree). This also allows for automatic user registration.

SAML integration can be enabled and configured as follows:

1. Open the Configuration Weagree Wizard item on the Administrator page, followed by the Login & user authentication subitem. Ensure that  External authentication on the main part of the screen is enabled (i.e. the slider is moved to the right and coloured green). If not, switch it on and click Save.

2. Click on SAML under External login providers.


3. The Edit login provider pop-up will appear:

a. Enable the Active? switch.
b. Insert all required and applicable SAML details (if you are unsure about these, please contact your IT department).
c. Click Save.



4. If Weagree Wizard accounts should automatically be activated for users accessing Weagree via SAML/LDAP, switch on Active upon first login and click Save. Otherwise, though the Weagree accounts will be automatically created, they will remain inactive until an administrator activates them via Users and licence.