You can prompt the user for selecting a jurisdiction to be inserted in the contract text by adding a country field. It works the same as inserting an editable field, except for the buttons to use.


Note 1: the list contains the jurisdictions worldwide, including the states of the U.S., the Canadian provinces and the Australian states and territories.

Note 2: if you need a limited list of jurisdictions, or if you want to insert the adjective of a (noun) country, consider using lookup lists (for more information, click here.


1. Place the cursor on the right place in the relevant contract clause.

2. Enter [country.xxxxx] or click Insert a country list and enter a tag name (any identifier).

3. Click modify the questionnaire elements and formulate the Q&A-elements:



a. Select the country question from the dropdown list.
b. Formulate the question.
c. If desired, enter an explanatory note or instruction.
d. If unanswered, provide an alternative to appear in the document (e.g. [[*]] ).
e. Set the default country value.
f. If desired, select a higher authorisation level for triggering the question during the Questionnaire (by default, all users will be prompted by the question, including business managers).