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Guest users

Persons who do not yet have their own Weagree user licence can gain limited and temporary access to the Weagree Wizard for free as guest users. This applies to both people inside and outside your organisations.

Guest accounts are not created manually via the Weagree Wizard’s user management or automatically via single sign-on, but through invitations sent by other users. Most functionalities are disabled for guest users, including creating or importing contracts. They can only access contracts for which they have received invitations. Moreover, guest accounts ordinarily expire after a limited amount of time.

Because of all of this, managing guest users is somewhat different from managing regular users. While it is possible to edit individual guests on the Users item of the Administrator page, ordinarily there are no access rights settings or user profiles for guests to customise. General guest-related actions will take place elsewhere.

On the Administrator page, go to Configuration Weagree Wizard > Login & user authentication to set up or reconfigure guest accounts.

1. Switch on Enable Q&A guests to allow users to invite guests. The subtab Guest account will appear.

2. On the subtab Guest account, you can set:

a. A guest account’s expiry period in days. This period begins from the moment of the account’s creation.

Note: after expiry, the guest user will no longer be able to login. This applies even if the guest account is still marked as ‘active’ in the Weagree Wizard’s user management. On Users and licence > Users, however, you will be able to set a new expiry date for any guest user.

b. How many days before expiry a guest user will receive a notification of the impending expiration.

Note: while there is a setting for a guest user profile, you may safely ignore this. Given the hardcoded limitations of guest user accounts, the need to differentiate between them in terms of access rights is highly theoretical. If you nevertheless believe that your organisation requires multiple guest user profiles, please contact us.

3. Click Save when done.

kb contract lifecycle management user management guest users 1 guest users

Because the guest user functionality is intended to allow persons without normal access to the Weagree Wizard to view (and edit) specific contracts, it has a specific notification for that purposes.

On the Administrator page, go to Configuration Weagree Wizard > Q&A guest notifications. There will be two notification templates: Q&A guest invitation and Q&A existing user invitation. As the description suggests, the first is reserved for guest users.

1.  Click the notification description to:

a. Edit its description.
b. Change its template.
c. Click Save when finished.

Note: the overall look of the notification will be determined by the selected e-mail template, which is defined under the Configuration Weagree Wizard > Notification templates. Usually, there will not be more than one template available. If there are multiple, however, it is generally recommended that the same template is used for all notifications.

2. Click the notification’s information icon to see a preview (this combines both the inserted text and the selected e-mail template).

kb contract lifecycle management user management guest users 2 guest users

3. Click the pencil icon to edit the notification’s contents:

kb contract lifecycle management user management guest users 3 guest users

a. Enable Use custom text (it will light up green).
b. The Subject field will be used for the e-mail subject.
c. The Body field contains the e-mail’s text. Clicking on this field will make a bar with various buttons appear for text-editing purposes.

Note: of particular importance are the two left-most buttons. The first maximizes the edit-field and also displays additional buttons, for example for the insertion of lists or images, for undoing actions, for cutting and pasting, or for directly editing the underlying HTML code. The second button, labelled Tag, opens a dropdown menu of tags that you may use to add variables to your notification (such as the addressee’s name, the contract title or a direct link to the managed contract).

d. If multiple user-interface languages are activated on your Weagree portal, you may add a translation for each. In the text editor’s popup, there will be a subtab for each language. The first is the default language. Click on another subtab and then enable the Use custom text option to insert a translation in the Body field.
e. Click Save when finished.

kb contract lifecycle management user management guest users 4 guest users

Terms of Use

I hereby accept (or reconfirm my acceptance of) Weagree’ Terms of use, in which:

Terms of Use

I hereby accept (or reconfirm my acceptance of) Weagree’ Terms of use, in which: