Once a workflow has been created, it can be freely applied to any individual choice question or template. Approval workflows can be configured to be triggered under particular conditions or in a particular order in the course of answering the questionnaire.

Begin by opening the designated template in the Template Creation Tool (TCT).

Workflows can be applied to any answers of both local and global choice questions. Question-specific workflows are activated when a particular question is triggered in the questionnaire, or a particular answer to such a question is selected. For detailed explanations of how choice questions work and how they can be configured, see this page and the subsequent tutorials.

1. In case of a local question, select the relevant clause (left side of the TCT) and then click the Modify the Questionnaire elements (question formulation, default answer or explanation) button (right side of the TCT). A pop-up will appear.

Note: alternatively, direct select the choice tree (click on its name) and then click Edit the choice name (left side of the TCT).

2. In case of a global question, click Organise, reformulate or edit global questions and then find the question in the resulting pop-up.

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3. On the pop-up’s Workflow subtab, for each answer to the choice question, select the applicable workflow. Leave a particular answer’s dropdown menu blank if it (no longer) needs to be reviewed. You may select different workflows for different answers.

4. Click Save when finished.

Note: applying a workflow to a global question will trigger that workflow for every template using the global question. If that is not intended, consider creating a separate version of the global question.

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Workflows can also be applied to a template as a whole. Template-wide workflows will always be activated upon starting the questionnaire. They imply that every answer needs to be checked and approved (including answers to other types of questions than choice questions).

1. Ensure the top level of the template (its name) is selected and then click Edit the template settings. A pop-up will appear.

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2. The pop-up’s Workflows subtab displays all the applied workflows. Question-specific workflows are listed first. To add a new template-wide workflow, click Insert.

3. To remove template-wide workflows, tick their checkboxes and click Delete.

Note: this will only prevent the workflow from being triggered by this template. It will not delete the workflow itself or affect any other templates. Question-specific workflows cannot be deleted here. To remove them, repeat the steps under A above and set each answer’s dropdown selection to blank.

4. To change the order in which template-wide workflows are triggered, use the arrow buttons. They are listed chronologically, so the top workflow will be triggered first and the bottom workflow will be triggered last.

5. Click Save when finished.

Note: bear in mind that question-specific workflows are all triggered simultaneously and that they will precede template-wide workflows. This is explained in more detail here.

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