By default, every managed contract will display certain basic fields on its overview page. It is possible both to change the contract sheet configuration and to change this per contract sheet:

1. Open the Configuration item on the Administrator page to change which fields are displayed by default. Switching a toggle to the right (i.e. the “on” position) will enable that particular variable for contract sheets. On the Settings subtab of the contract sheet, this is reflected by the presence (or, if the toggle is switched off, by the absence) of a greyed-out checkmark. For the default currency, a dropdown menu is used. After making any changes in Configuration, click Save and then open your contract sheet again via the CLM contract sheets item.




2. On the Settings subtab of your contract sheet, tick a checkbox in the right column to override that field’s default setting. This will allow you to either tick or untick the checkbox in the left column, in order to either show or hide it on the contract sheet.

3. Insert a number to determine and select a type of date (from the available date-fields in the contract sheet) to determine how long a managed contract will be retained. After the designated period ends, it will be automatically deleted.

Note: if the retention period is set to 0.00, which is the default, the managed contract will be retained indefinitely.