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User feedback: authorising administrators to adopt end-user proposals

The user feedback functionality makes it easy for users to inform an administrator if they believe any aspect of a contract automation template or its questionnaire should be changed or reviewed, for instance if they encounter a typo, if a particular provision appears to be out of date, or if a question’s phrasing is confusing. Such comments can be sent via the questionnaire, by clicking on speech bubbles next to questions or paragraphs in the WYSIWYG view. Feedback is collected on and accessible through the Administrator page, while the designated administrator(s) will receive automated e-mail notifications of new comments. This page explains how to set up the feedback functionality by authorising administrators and how to process user feedback.


Configuring the Weagree Wizard for user feedback is easy, yet versatile. Users with administrator access can be designated as template administrators, either in general or for specific templates. Although any administrator – being able to edit templates – can read and process user feedback, only the template administrators will receive e-mail notifications. By designating users as template administrators, therefore, it is possible to channel feedback to the users best suited or positioned to act on it.

1. Go to the Administrator page and open the Configuration subitem of Contract automation. Ensure that Feedback by users is enabled; if not, switch the toggle to the ON position and click Save.

2. Enable Always notify on feedback if general template administrators should always receive e-mail notifications of new user feedback, even if it relates to a template that has been assigned to a particular administrator.

Note: this may be useful if you have one or two general template administrators who either act as supervisors or as general support for the administrators who look after individual templates. It is recommended that you leave this functionality disabled if you have more general template administrators, as having a multitude of administrators receive the same notifications will likely only lead to confusion and annoy people.

3. Click Add users to add general template administrators.



4. Select users by ticking their checkboxes (or tick the top one to select all).

Note: remember that only users with administrator access can be template administrators. For further information on user rights and configuring user accounts, see the User management section of this knowledge base.

5. Click OK.


Note: to remove someone from the list of template administrators again, simply click the minus sign appearing next to their name. Doing so will not delete the user’s account or affect their access rights, but only ensure that they will no longer be notified upon user feedback.


6. To assign an administrator to a specific template, navigate to the (Contract) templates subitem of Contract automation item on the Administrator page and open the template in question in the Template Creation Tool.


7. Click Edit the template settings.

8. Open the Owners tab and click Add users. See steps 4 and 5 above for making your selection.

9. Click Save or Close (changes to the list of administrators are saved automatically).

Note: again, clicking the minus sign next to a template administrator’s (“owner’s”) name will remove them from the list, but not affect their account as such. This will take effect immediately, so you will not need to click Save.


Template administrators (depending on the settings discussed under section A above) will receive automated e-mail notifications when users submit new feedback. However, all comments can be accessed at any time by any administrator – regardless of whether they have been designated as (general) template administrator or not – via the Weagree Wizard.

1. Go to the Administrator page and open the User feedback subitem of Contract automation. The following information is displayed:

aStatus. The thin, coloured bar indicates the feedback item’s status. New feedback is red, feedback that has been viewed and is being worked on is orange, and closed (fully processed) feedback is green.
b. Date. The date on which the feedback was submitted.
cType. A general indication of the feedback’s subject, e.g. a typo, legal error or a question’s configuration.
dTemplate. The contract automation template to which the feedback relates.
eUser. The user who submitted the feedback.
fComment. The information icon will produce a tooltip with the user’s comments.



2. To manually change the status of a feedback item:

a. Click on the link in the Template column.
b. Select the applicable status from the Feedback status dropdown menu.
c. Click Save.



3. The feedback status will also change automatically when the feedback item is reviewed.

a. Click on the feedback item’s pen icon to initiate your review.


b. To further discuss the feedback, click Reply. Insert your response in the input field that appears and then click Save.
Note: the user who submitted the feedback will receive an e-mail notification regarding your response. Both the original feedback and your reply will be stored under the contract’s Communications, accessible from either the contract properties page or the questionnaire.
c. To see the question or clause in its full – and contract-specific – context, click Show in contract. This will open the questionnaire from which the feedback was submitted and jump directly to the relevant section.
d. To complete your review without making any changes, click Mark done. This will close the feedback item.
e. To accept the changes proposed by the user, if any, click Apply proposed text.
Note: such changes will be directly inserted into the Template Creation Tool, but will not immediately be saved. Be sure to click on the Template Creation Tool’s Save the changes made (diskette) icon, like you would if you had manually altered the template component’s contents.
f. To finish your review later, click Close. The feedback item will be marked as Work in progress, but otherwise remain unchanged.



4. If any user feedback is present, you can directly access the pop-up shown above from the Template Creation Tool by navigating to the relevant component and clicking the View the feedback details icon.


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