Lookup lists provide a very easy and practical way of storing large collections of related data and inserting the data into your questionnaires and documents.


Note 1
: many contracts revert to lists of products, lists of licensed trademarks, organisational functions (for inclusion in an employment agreement). These lists can be managed separately in the Weagree Wizard, and inserted wherever a list value is to be inserted.

Note 2: lookup lists can contain several sub-lists linking a user’s Q&A choice for one answer to several related answers or values. Example 1: the choice of a trademark can result in the insertion of that trademark underneath the related wordmark. Example 2: the choice of certain products may also include the related batch size in which a product unit is delivered, as well as the order lead time for such product.

Note 3: this section describes the creation of a lookup table and the context in which they appear in one single contract clause. If the lookup values appear in more than one contract clause, see section B below.


1. To organise lookup lists, click Organise lookup lists.



2. To create a new lookup list, click Insert a lookup list item.


a. Insert the name of the lookup list item.
b. To insert a column, click Insert column.
c. Enter the name of the column.
d. If necessary change the formatting type of inserted data and click Save.



3. To edit the lookup lists values, click Lookup lists values (see screenshot above).
a. To insert a new row, click Insert a new row.
b. Edit the list values.
c. Click Save.



4. To edit lookup column headers, click Edit lookup column headers.

5. To remove a lookup list, click Remove.

6. To insert a lookup list item in a clause, place the cursor on the right place and click Insert a lookup list item.


a. Select the lookup list.
b. Click the relevant lookup list item.



Tip: The first column of the lookup table will appear during the Questionnaire. Therefore, consider adding a first column with user-oriented text rather than the precise results to be inserted in the contract clause.


Note 1
: sometimes, certain contracting policies are linked to one overriding question, which is a global question for the purpose of the Weagree Wizard. For example, in employment agreements, the termination notice period of the employer may depend on the termination notice period permitted to the employee, and the company’s policy to allow for one month, two months or more may depend on the seniority or salary scale of the employee. The lookup table would then be:


Note 2: a lookup table may trigger other global questions (depending on the answer to the global question to which the lookup is linked).


1. To link a lookup list to a global question, click Organise, reformulate or edit global questions.



2. Depending on whether you want to link the lookup list to a new or an existing global question, click Add new global question or Edit global question.



3. Tick the Lookup-values box.
a. Choose the lookup list.
b. Choose the appearance in the Q&A.