The Weagree Wizard can be configured to automatically generate contract numbers if certain conditions are met. Various settings are available on the Administrator page under Configuration Weagree Wizard > Key functionalities:

kb contract lifecycle management ca contract numbers 1 contract numbers

1. To enable this functionality, switch the Generate contract number button on the subtab Miscellaneous settings to the ON position.

2. Click Save.

Note: changing any of the following settings does not have a retroactive effect.

3Moment of generation
This dropdown determines at which moment a number is generated for any given contract. There are three options:

a. On generate ‘draft’ contract (i.e. the first time a document is generated for the contract)
b. On e-signing the contract
c. On move to managed contracts (i.e. when the contract is transferred from Draft or negotiate to the CLM, or My signed contracts)

4Restart each calendar year
This switch should be enabled if the contract count should reset on 1 January of each year. If the contract number’s format includes the year, this will of course always match the current year.

For example, if the format is [year-number], and on 31 December 2023 the last contract number generated is 2023-0372, then the next contract on 1 January 2024 will have either of the following numbers:

  • if Restart each calendar year is disabled: 2024-0373
  • if Restart each calender year is enabled: 2024-0001

If contract numbering is enabled in the course of a year, it is also possible to change the start number (see below) for the first contract of the next year.

5Date prefix
Optionally, you can choose to let the contract number begin with the date on which the number is generated. There are four options:

a. None
b. Year
c. Year and month
d. Year, month and day

6Text prefix
Optionally, you can also choose to let the contract number begin with any text. If combined with the date, the text will appear after the date.

7Starting number
This is the number of the first contract number generated. By default, it is set to 1. If automated numbering should continue where manual numbering stopped, change this value accordingly (e.g. if you stopped manually numbering at 100, you can change this value to 101).

Note: if Restart each calendar year is enabled, you may want to change this value back to 1 (or whatever other number may be required) after at least one contract number has been generated. This will only take effect on 1 January.

8Total digits
This is the number of digits reserved for the contract number. By default, it is set to and can therefore support up to 9,999 contracts per year. You can always increase the number in the course of a year if you are nearing the current limit.

This is a preview of the first contract number, based on the previous settings.