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CLM building blocks

This tutorial will explain the contract sheet creation tool’s buttons and show you how to structure your contract sheet with (global) CLM building blocks.

If you need many different CLM fields to manage your contract data, or simply wish to categorise them, you can create multiple CLM building blocks and assign those fields to different blocks. If you intend to use your contract sheet for managing contracts that will be created with the Weagree Wizard, it may be practical to follow the contract template’s outline for your CLM building blocks’ names and order.


On the left-hand side of the creation tool, you will see the contract sheet’s outline. If any building blocks have been added, they will appear beneath the contract sheet name. Above the outline you may see (depending on whether the contract sheet name or any building block is selected) the following buttons, from the top-left to the bottom-right:


1. Open CLM contract sheet
This opens the Open CLM contract sheet popup, in exactly the same manner as clicking Creation tool on the Administrator page does (see above).

2. Insert or organise global CLM building blocks
Via this button, you may create predefined building blocks for the purpose of inserting them into multiple contract sheets, or for insertion into individual managed contracts where appropriate.

a. Click Create to start adding a new global building block to the library.
b. If any other global building blocks are already present, you may determine the building block’s placement in the outline via the Place under dropdown menu. Leave blank if you want it to appear at the top (directly beneath the contract sheet’s name).
c. Assign the global building block to a user group. It will be visible to users with access to that user group and CLM editing rights.
d. By default, the user creating the global building block is its owner. Nevertheless, you may change this a different user (for example, if that person will be tasked with its maintenance).
e. To provide some guidance, you may insert an explanatory note or upload a document containing more elaborate instructions on the global building block’s intended usage.
Note: after uploading a file, the drag-and-drop field will be replaced by a document icon (for downloading it again) and a minus sign (for deleting it). Always click Save after either uploading or deleting a file.
f. Tick a global building block’s checkbox and then click Edit in order to edit its contents. The process is identical to editing a contract sheet, which will be discussed below.
g. Tick a global building block’s checkbox and then click Insert in template add it to your contract sheet.



3. Edit the template settings/Edit the building block name
This button will change, depending on whether the top level (contract sheet name) or a building block is selected. In either case, it will allow you to change the selected item’s name.

4. Delete this building block

5. Insert a new building block
This will insert a building block directly beneath the selected item.

6. Move the component upwards/downwards
Use this to change the order of the building blocks in the outline.

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Terms of Use

I hereby accept (or reconfirm my acceptance of) Weagree’ Terms of use, in which: