Depending on the date-fields in a contract sheet, you may create default triggers for e-mail notifications. When enabled, these CLM notification triggers will ensure that whoever manages a contract based on that contract sheet will receive a notification when defined conditions are met. You may add and edit such triggers on the Triggers subtab of your contract sheet:

1. Click the plus sign to add a notification trigger for any type of date.

2. Configure a trigger with the settings contained in the six columns following the specified date (from left to right):

a. Triggered e-mail. This setting determines at what general point in time the e-mail notification will be sent: before, on or after the specified date.
b. Days (x). If the triggered e-mail notification will be sent before or after the specified date, use this setting to determine the precise moment (e.g. insert “30” to send a notification 30 days before or after the date).
c. To send e-mail. Select the type of e-mail to be used for the notification. For further information, click here.
d. Urgency. On the date on which the e-mail notification is triggered, the contract will automatically change to the selected urgency status. This will be reflected on the CLM overview page.
e. Enabled. Tick or untick this checkbox to enable or disable the e-mail notification trigger.
f. Delete. Click on the minus sign to delete a custom e-mail notification trigger.


3. Click Save.

Note: it is highly recommended that you make use of automated notifications to prevent missing any deadlines, and that you add default triggers to each contract sheet.