The document name format arguably isn’t part of the contract house style proper, but the sort of uniformity and consistency that is essential to a successful house style is also important for document names. A well-considered format can convey vital information and it is considerably easier to keep track of different files if they follow clear naming conventions. As such, the Weagree Wizard automates naming new documents as well. Administrators can use a number of variables to define both a default document name format and contract automation template-specific ones.


There is always a default, general format for document names. Unless specified otherwise in a contraction automation template’s settings, this format will apply to every generated document. It consists of one or more tags recognised by the Weagree Wizard, which will be replaced by regular text upon document generation. By default, the format is [relation.2.Shortname] [documenttitle], which will result in a document name such as “Counterparty Ltd. License agreement 001.docx (where “001” denotes that this is the first version). To make any changes, first go the Administrator page, open the Contract automation item and navigate to the Configuration subitem.

1. Delete any tags you do not wish to use, or change their order (by cutting and pasting them) and position the cursor where a new tag will be inserted.

2. Click the magnifier icon.



3. Choose a tag to insert.

Note: a number of tags are hardcoded and relate to basic contract details, such as the parties’ names, document title and date. Customisable (multilingual) phrases, if any have been configured, are also available however. For further information on phrases, click here).



4.Repeat steps 2 and 3 if you need multiple tags.

5. If necessary, insert any separating characters between the tags, such as spaces, underscores, dashes or parentheses. Note that spaces will be displayed as intended within the Weagree Wizard, but will be converted to underscores when a document is downloaded.

6. Click Save.


One size does not necessarily fit all: certain contract automation templates, such as letters or perhaps even purely internal documents you wish to create via the Weagree Wizard, might require deviating from the default document name format. This will have to be configured within the template, so open it in the Template Creation Tool (via the Contract automation item on the Administrator page).

1. Click Edit the template settings.



2. Click the magnifier icon next to the Document name format field and select a tag to add.

Note: if a custom format was previously configured, the field next to Document name format will contain black text and you may need to edit this before inserting any new tags. Otherwise, the default format will be displayed in grey italics; this will be automatically overwritten once you insert a new tag.


3. See steps 3 through 5 under section A above.

4. Click Save.