A seamless transition from contract creation to contract lifecycle management is made possible by linking a CLM contract sheet to a contract-automation template. When moving a contract created in Weagree to the CLM, any answers given in the questionnaire can then automatically be inserted into fields of the managed-contract sheet. Multiple contract templates may be linked to a single contract sheet:

1. On the Linked templates subtab, click Add a template.


2. Select the desired template from the list that appears.

3. Select one or more questions from the template to link to the contract sheet by ticking their checkboxes (or the top checkbox to select all). You may filter out questions depending on their type or origin (global or non-global (local), contained in definitions or schedules or annexes) and hide any questions that have been linked already.


Note: the questions will be listed in their order of appearance in the template.

4. Click OK.

5. If more questions need to be linked afterwards, this can be done by clicking the magnifying-glass icon next to the template name.

6. Click the minus sign to unlink a template.


Any questions linked in the manner described above will appear on the Mappings subtab of the contract sheet name. Unless and until these are allocated to a building block or one of the default contract sheet items (Parties, Repository or Persons and teams involved), their fields will appear on the overview page of the managed-contract sheet. For further information, click here.