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Adding and editing CLM-managed fields

For any given item in the contract sheet outline, the Mappings subtab displays the available CLM-managed fields. These may include fields that take user input from questions in linked contract templates. Any field present in a building block will appear in the eventual managed-contract sheet. Once one or more building blocks have been added to the contract sheet, any previously linked questions may be allocated to, or new (non-linked) fields may be created for, these building blocks:

1. Allocating linked questions
CLM Questions from linked contract templates may automatically be filled in if the managed contract was first created in Weagree and then directly transferred to the CLM. Within the creation tool, these questions may be moved from an essentially inactive pool to specific building blocks:

a. Ensure that the outline’s top level (contract sheet name) is selected.
b. On the Mappings subtab, select the question(s) to be allocated to a building block.
c. Click Move.


d. Select the intended building block and click OK.



2. Creating new questions.
It is also possible to create questions that are not linked to any contract template, and which will therefore always have to be answered in the managed-contract sheet (rather than the questionnaire):

a. Select the building block to which you want to add a question.
b. On the Mappings subtab, click Add.


c. Select the required type of user input. This choice will determine which other settings will be available for the field. The process is identical to configuring a question in the Weagree Wizard’s template creation tool, with the exception that any text inserted for Name (e.g. “Effective date” or “Applicable law”) will be shown on the managed-contract sheet, next to the managed field itself. For further information on configuring questions, see the tutorials under Contract automation/Q&A creation –  basics.


Note: there are two field-types exclusive to the contract sheet creation tool, namely the Calc and DateCalc fields. With these, you may automatically perform (date) calculations. They can be used in conjunction with other CLM-managed fields, including ones that take their input from questions in a contract template. They may also be combined with expressions from lookup lists (for further information on lookup lists, click here).

An example DateCalc expression might be:

[Datecalc.Deadline 1.([Date.Effective Date] + [Lookup.First Milestone.Days])]

Here, the first item would refer to a date-field and the second to a field invoking a lookup-table for determining within how many days after the effective date the first milestone must be reached. Both fields must have been added to the same building block. The product of the DateCalc expression will be a precise date for the first milestone. Should either of the aforementioned variables be changed, the calculated date will be automatically updated. This can be very useful for generating timely e-mail notifications.

For further information on performing calculations, see the tutorials Calculations and number-formatting and Calculating a date (and inserting it into the contract) (with the caveat that, as just illustrated, there is no need here to embed the formula in a [calc] or [datecalc] tag).

d. Insofar as required or desired, configure the field’s other settings and then click Insert.

Note: inserting any text for the Question field is not mandatory, but may be useful for providing context. If any text is inserted, an information icon will appear next to the CLM-managed field on the managed-contract sheet. The text will then be displayed as a tooltip when the mouse is moved over the information icon.


3. Click on the name of a CLM-managed field to edit it.

. Click on the chain-link icon to link a CLM-managed field to other available questions of the same type (from any contract template that has already been linked).

. Click on the minus sign to delete a CLM-managed field.

. If there are multiple CLM-managed fields, you may change their order of appearance by clicking the up and down arrows.


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Terms of Use

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