The general settings of your entity management can be configured on the Administrator page: subitem Entity management. Settings include the entity management’s availability and use, notifications and the look & feel of org charts.

Note: always click Save after making any changes.


The Weagree Wizard’s entity management basic customisation options:

1. Supervisory board
Some organisations may have a formal supervisory board or non-executive board, with appointed supervisory directors (non-executives – NEDs). When this option is switched on, supervisory board details will be enabled by default for any entity in the database. These details can be found in the full entity management section of any party, under the Governance and authorisations item (where the details on managing directors and officers and representatives are also stored) in a separate Supervisory board subitem. It is possible to enable or disable that subitem for individual entities.

2. Full entity management
If disabled, any user – administrators included – will only be able to access the basic party database, rather than Weagree’s extended entity management system. The Entity management tab will still be available and entities’ essential CRM details can still be managed from the overview page, but all advanced, corporate housekeeping features will be disabled.

3. Document storage
If any external storage solution is available, such as SharePoint, you may choose between Weagree and said medium for storing all files uploaded to the Weagree Wizard’s full entity management. External storage solutions are set up under the API integrations subitem of Configuration Weagree Wizard. For further information, see the API integrations section of this knowledge base.

4. Allow creation of private parties
Enabling this will allow users to add parties to a contract without inserting them into the party database. Such parties’ details will only be stored in that single contract entry, meaning that they will be gone if the contract entry itself is deleted from the Weagree Wizard. This can be useful, for example, for limiting and more easily managing storage of personal data to comply with GDPR requirements.



Weagree’s full entity management allows for tracking dates important for corporate housekeeping purposes, for example with respect to board appointments or financial documents. As in Weagree’s CLM, notification triggers can be configured for such dates (for more information on this, click here). Notifications will be sent to the users designated on this page.

1. Click Insert user to add one or more users to the list of recipients.


2. Select users by ticking their checkboxes (or tick the top one to select all).

Note: only users with a Lawyer licence (‘full users’) may be selected, as only they have access to the full entity management. They do not need to be administrators, however. For further information on user rights and configuring user accounts, see the User management section of this knowledge base.

3. Click OK.


Note: to remove someone from the list of recipients again, simply click the minus sign appearing next to their name. Doing so will not delete the user’s account or affect their access rights, but only ensure that they will no longer receive an e-mail if an entity management notification trigger is activated.


If an entity has any shareholders or subsidiaries, Weagree’s entity management can automatically generate an organisational corporate tree (org chart) displaying the relations between the various legal entities of the group. Colour and text formatting options are available to customise the look and feel of org charts.

1. Colour pickers are available for each of the organisational chart’s elements.

a. Click the colour picker to select another colour. Several default options will be shown.
b. Click More to show an RGB picker for custom colours.
c. Click Less to close the RGB picker again.
d. Click Select to choose a custom colour.

2. Click the icons for bold, italics, or underlined text to customise the formatting of text in the organisational chart.