Configuring access rights and assigning features within the Weagree Wizard is both easy and powerful. Both major and minor functionalities and elements of the user interface can be enabled or disabled for each user role. Some are only available for certain roles, or are disabled by default depending on the role.  For more information on user roles, click here.

Each role can be fully configured on the Administrator page under Users and licence > User profiles > Configure roles (and access rights). This screen is made up of three parts:

1. At the top are the available user roles, divided into columns.

2. On the left are the individual access rights, each belonging to a particular category. The information icons provide tooltips explaining an access right’s purpose.

3. Below the user roles are columns of checkboxes, indicating whether any access right is both available and enabled for a particular user role.

Note: if there is no checkbox, this means that specific feature is unavailable for that user role. Such availability depends on the licence upon which a user role is based.

To make any changes, enable or disable the appropriate access rights and then click Save. Clicking Reset will revert all roles to their default settings.

Note: be mindful that changing the access rights for any role will affect all user profiles (and therefore all users assigned to those profiles) based on that role. If needed, you can create additional roles as outlined here in order to further differentiate between users with the same licence.

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