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Contract house styles – configure cover page layout

As part of the overall house style, it is possible to set up one or more cover page layouts. For each template, any of the available cover pages may be selected from the Weagree template settings pop-up (you may also opt not to use any cover page, of course). This tutorial will explain how to configure your cover page layout.


On the Administrator page, open the Contract automation item and navigate to Contract house styles / Contract cover pages.

1. To create a new cover page, click Insert, enter a name and then click Save.

2. To delete one or more cover pages, tick their checkboxes and then click Delete.

3. To modify a cover page, click its pen icon.



The cover page will be opened in the Template Creation Tool. Editing a cover page therefore works just like editing a Weagree template.

There is one important caveat, however: the cover page is not part of the questionnaire. Only when generating a document will it be added to the contract. This means that although the Template Creation Tool permits the insertion of question tags into the cover page, they will not actually be triggered when drafting a contract in the Weagree Wizard. Any local (i.e. non-global) questions will therefore not work on the cover page. On the other hand, if a global question is added to both the Weagree template and the cover page, it will be triggered in the questionnaire via the template and the user’s input will be processed for the cover page when generating a document. Consequently, global questions can be highly useful for the cover page – provided that they are used in the Weagree template as well.

Tags that do not require input via the questionnaire may also be inserted, of course. The following may be of particular interest for cover pages:

  • [DocumentTitle]
  • [currentdate]
  • [gq.PartyX] (where X should be replaced by the number of the party, as defined in the template settings)
  • [EOL] (for creating additional whitespace)

Also consider using phrase tags if you want to use a single layout for Weagree templates in different languages. For more information on phrase tags, click here.

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Terms of Use

I hereby accept (or reconfirm my acceptance of) Weagree’ Terms of use, in which: